If arthritis pain is slowing you down, you might be thinking total knee replacement is your only option. But here's good news from Zimmer Biomet.The Oxford® Partial Knee may be all you need.

The Oxford Partial Knee offers you more.

Less pain, faster recovery, more natural motion.*


Keep up to 75% of your healthy knee.*

Let's say an apple represents your knee. With total knee replacement, the entire surface has to be removed. But with the Oxford Partial Knee from Zimmer Biomet, you can keep up to 75% of your healthy knee - for a more rapid recovery1 with more natural motion.*4-5 And now, Zimmer Biomet offers the only Partial Knee Lifetime Implant Replacement Warranty.† Who knew a partial knee could offer so much?


*Compared to total knee replacement
† Subject to terms and conditions within the written warranty.

** Adjusted odds ratio-controlled for gender, age, minority, income, and center. The multi-center study was led by researchers at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Patients included in the study were treated with either total knee replacement, fixed-bearing unicompartmental knee replacement, or the Oxford®Partial Knee. Centers contributing data on both total knee and partial knee replacement were Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri; Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois; and Mt. Carmel Hospital, New Albany, Ohio. Data for the study were gathered through comprehensive interviews, conducted by the University of Wisconsin, of 1,263 consecutively identified arthroplasty patients who met the inclusion/exclusion criteria. This is a Zimmer Biomet-funded study and the data is on file.